Vision, Mission and Our Values

Our Vision

Stride for continuous improvement and comply with industry changes

Application of advanced technologies

Adopting the term “quality as a life style” in all processes, products and offered services

Think global and act local in international markets

Attain the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty

Develop into a pioneer organization within the industry by becoming a renowned and preferred supplier in the global energy transmission and distribution sector

Our Mission

Provide value for our country, customers, partners and employees

Reflect this awareness onto all of our activities and processes in order to prepare a productive environment for maximizing the potentials of our employees

Build our own human resources

Conscience of our responsibilities towards society and the environment

Key Values

In our service:

Being customer-focused,

Solution oriented approach,

Providing peace of mind,

Efficient and reliable services,

Serve professional and innovative solutions.

We guarantee an individual approach to each order, through analysis of customer/supplier/employee expectations and define simple, flexible and fast terms of cooperation.