Aluminium Rod Wire

EMTA Conductor & Cable has worldwide experience in rod manufacturing for different standarts and countries. EMTA has produced in excess of 60,000 metric tons of Continuous Cast Aluminum Rod in its own plants in Kadirli.

EMTA Aluminum Continuous Casting and Rolling lines are designed to produce pure electrical conductor grade aluminum rod by using A7E (purity of 99,7%) and A8 (purity of 99,8%) and alloy conductor grade aluminum rod coils directly from pure molten metal on a continuous basis. EMTA can produce heat-treatable alloys rod with tempers supplied which from F (as Fabricated) to T4 (Thermally Treated). EMTA manufacturing lines are designed to produce from 9.5 to 15 mm diameter rods in level wound coils and packed in both “Eye to Side” and “Eye to Sky” coils of 2 tons covered with paperboard and plastic shrinkage to be delivered on wooden pallets